What is Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Azure VMware Solution is built on VMware Cloud Foundation – a comprehensive offering of software-defined compute, storage, networking, and management – deployed in Azure along with an integrated set of Azure services. Organizations can capitalize on their existing VMware skills and tools while leveraging the global Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Azure VMware Solution enables a fast […]

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VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud

What is VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud?

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US) is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware. VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US) provides a seamless hybrid cloud by extending the organization’s on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud.   VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US) is a jointly engineered secure, scalable […]

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BDRSuite v5.2 is Generally Available Now!

Vembu has announced their BDRSuite v5.2 is generally available. BDRSuite v5.2 is released with Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure, BDRSuite 360 for centralized monitoring, and Multitenancy new features which are requested by our customers and MSPs very often. In this new release BDRSuite v5.2, we focussed on delivering the most essential features to service providers […]

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Webinar: Enhance Data Protection Strategy with BDRSuite on World Backup Day

Backup is no longer nice to have, it is a must-have. A decade ago, a community of internet users termed March 31 as World Backup Day to create awareness on the importance of data backup. Since then, we’ve been strong supporters of this annual event and creating awareness by doing various activities. We feel everyone […]

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How to export and import VMs from Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V is virtualization software that allows virtual machines to be created by virtualizing the OS and all hardware components. The ability to move virtual machines from one location to another without downtime is one of the main benefits of virtualization. Hyper-V also provides such mechanisms and one of them is, Export and Import functionality. […]

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Microsoft Azure Data Box – An Overview

What is Azure Data Box? Microsoft Azure Data Box cloud solution is used for moving terabytes of data into Azure in a quick, inexpensive, and reliable way. The Azure Data Box family has products with different storage capacity to move your terabytes (TB) of data to Azure. Moving your data to azure using data box […]

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Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup v2.0 (Beta) Is Available Now

A few days backup Vembu has announced the release of Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup v2.0 (Beta) which helps your organization to protect the critical user data in Office 365 & G Suite. This solution is very easy to use for anyone and it will protect your office 365 and g Suite, Let’s […]

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