Vinchin Backup and Recovery Review


Vinchin is a professional provider of data protection solutions for enterprises. It provides a series of data backup, instant recovery, and offsite DR solutions for private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is one of the next generations VM backup solutions which supports the industry leading vendors. Nowadays Organizations are running their service on multiple platforms for cost optimization. Most organization are looking toward a Hybrid model and they need many solutions which is best fit for their requirement.

Supports Platforms

  • VMware vSphere :- 4.X to 7.0 vCenter 4.X to 7.0 ESXi 4.X to 7.0 vSAN 6.X to 7.0
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server:- Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2, Microsoft Hyper-V 2016, Microsoft Hyper-V 2019, Windows 10 (Desktop OS)
  • Hyper-V on Windows Server:- Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
  • Citrix XenServer :- XenServer 6.x , 7.x
  • Citrix Hypervisor:- Citrix Hypervisor 8.x
  • XCP-ng :- XCP-ng 7.x , 8.x
  • Red Hat RHV/oVirt 4.x
  • Oracle:- Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager 4.x
  • OpenStack :- Mitaka and later versions + Ceph/NetApp/Promise (as production storage)
  • Sangfor :- Sangfor HCI 5.x , 6.x
  • Huawei :- FusionCompute (KVM)
  • H3C :- CAS/UIS 5.x , 7.x
  • ZStack :-ZStack 3.5.0 ~ 4.4.16

Vinchin Backup & Recovery has been successfully deployed and delivered to more than 60+ countries. From SMBs to large-scale enterprises Vinchin has been used in 20+ industries including governments, telecommunications, health care, education, finance, IT services, manufacturing, etc.

Vinichin has the capability to migrate data from one platform to another without any additional tools or plugins. This will be one of the solution for many organizations to solve the data migration and multiplatform support.

Vinchin Features

Agentless Backup.

Vinchin can be integrated directly with your hypervisor and run the backup without any agent installed in your environment.

Fast incremental Backup

Vinchin CBT and SpeedKit are the two technologies used to achieve fast increment backup. SpeedKit is a unique feature introduced by Vinchin for high-efficiency VM incremental backups.When SpeedKit is applied to an incremental backup job, there will be a snapshot kept in the production storage for each of the VMs included in the backup job. This is for rapid calculation of the data changes of the VMs. If you have adequate production storage, SpeedKit is recommended to be used for incremental backups.

Lan Free backup and recovery

Vinchin supports FC, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS and it helps to take backup without affecting your production network load . It is easy to transfer the data between production storage and backup storage using Vinchin.

Cross-Platform Recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports seamless migration across virtual platforms including VMware, XenServer/XCP-ng, oVirt/Red Hat Virtualization, and OpenStack. You can easily restore the backup data of the original VM to the new platform. And you can manage the restoration centrally from the Vinchin webs console.

Instant Recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery can instantly recover the entire Virtual machine and all its data from any restore point from a full backup, incremental backup or differential backup. Vinchin Backup & Recovery is able to reduce RTO to 15 seconds by instantly recovering the interrupted business on the original/new host using backup data. This will help to quickly verify the backup data availability by instantly recovering the target VM to an isolated area before putting it in production.

 Backup Data Encryption

Vinchin will activate Encrypted Backups technology when saving data volumes to the backup repository and it will be preventing hackers from accessing critical data. Applying a bank-level algorithm, the data encryption feature can be fully used to guarantee the safety of backup data.

When the backup data encryption feature is enabled, the VM backup data will be encrypted and written into backup storage. Since it runs on a job basis, all backup data of the VMs included in the same job will be encrypted, and a password can be used to secure the VM backups

Data Compression

Backup data are automatically deduplicated and compressed before writing to the backup storage to reduce the overall backup size. Additionally, Vinchin has a unique proprietary feature BitDetector which automatically excludes swap les, partition gap, and unpartitioned space and helps to reduce the backup data size

Public Cloud Support

For long term retention and DR with Vinchin Backup you can use cloud object storages. AWS S3, Alibaba Cloud, Azure Blob Storage, Huawei OBS, Tencent COS, Wasabi Cloud Storage, MinIO Cloud Storage and Ceph S3 Storage can be set as cloud archive destination. And at any point you can transfer back the VM data from the cloud and restore to onsite production system

File-level Backup and Granular Restore.

You can backup and restore the file inside a Windows and Linux server very easily from Vinchin. This is achieved by installing a lightweight file backup agent install on the operating system. Not only individual files, folders and the subfolders and files inside the folders are all supported for backup and restore.

 Supported databases

 Physical or virtual MySQL, MS-SQL and Oracle platforms can be protected (hot backup) by saving backups on-premises, offsite, and on the cloud. DBs can be restored to any destination.

  • MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 8.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019
  • Oracle Database 11G, 12C, 18C, 19C

Vinchin Support

Vinchin has great support, you can expect a response to any service request in 1 hour, 24/7.

Available editions

Vinchin Backup & Recovery comes with the following editions:

  • Free – the free edition provides basic capabilities and can protect up to 3 VMs.
  • Essential – applies to small businesses and supports VMware and Hyper-V platforms.
  • Standard – ideal for SMB businesses, supports VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer or KVM platforms.
  • Enterprise-oriented for medium to large organizations provides all available features.

To compare available editions, check out at Vinchin website.


Two options are available to license the software:

  • Perpetual license – based on the number of physical CPU sockets allows to backup an unlimited number of VMs.
  • Subscription license – based on the number of VMs to protect, allows to save your budget with a 1-3 years subscription.

How to Back up and Restore VMware VMs with Vinchin Backup & Recovery?

For VMware VM backup

  1. Select VMware VMs that you wish to back up from added servers.
  2. Specify a backup destination.
  3. Configure backup strategies in detail.

In the web-based console, you can set up backup schedule, data reduction technologies, GFS retention policies, etc. in the General Strategy section;


Enable HotAdd or other backup data transfer modes including Encrypted Transmission (LAN-Based) and LAN-Free in the Transmission Strategy section;


And configure more advanced features including quiesced snapshot and CBT in the Individual Strategy section if you need them.


When the backup job is processing, you can also monitor the job in real time in the console.


For VMware VM full restore

In Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the VM restore job configuration is as simple as that of backup, just follow through the same 4-step wizard: Choose a restore point of VMware VM > Specify a restore destination > Setup Restore Strategy > Submit the job.




For VMware VM instant restore

Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers an independent job config wizard for instant VM restore. After selecting the target to restore point and restore destination, you can further configure the restored VM in aspects of general information like VM name, CPU, RAM; virtual disk, network, etc.


By the way, for cross-platform full VM restore and instant restore, the configurations are basically the same, and you just need to choose another Vinchin-supported virtual platform as the restore destination.


Vinchin has been recognized for its great solution with stable performance, responsive support, and steady progress in providing solutions from the perspective of customers. From small and medium companies to big businesses, Vinchin knows how to deliver you the most appropriate data solutions whether it’s VMware or other virtualizations it supports. And it makes your upgrading or deployment of data management easier at every stage. Try the 60 days full-featured free trial version, test the features for VMware backup now and explore more.