NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.8 Released With New Features


Nakivo has released its new Backup and Replication solution Nakivo v10.8, which includes support for vSphere 8.0, S3-Compatible Storage, and other intriguing new features. Also this new version includes numerous usability and management improvements aimed at streamlining data protection and reducing management complexity.

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vSphere 8 GA Support

Nakivo v10.8 now fully supports the most recent version of VMware vSphere 8, enabling backup and recovery for active workloads. Utilizing the most effective backup strategy for your infrastructure, Nakivo Backup & Replication’s features can be used to protect your workloads. If your company planned to upgrade to the most recent version of vSphere, Nakivo now offers complete support for the new environment.

S3-Compatible Object Storage Support

Backups and backup copies can now be sent to local S3-compatible storage devices, expanding the range of storage types that are supported. With the help of this new feature, administrators can use the immutability that object storage devices offer to safeguard backups against ransomware and unintentional deletions. By taking advantage of the S3-compatible object storage feature, you can now use storage devices other than Amazon S3, Wasabi, Azure Blob Storage, and Backblaze B2 cloud solutions to backup data to affordable scalable storage devices without having to worry about signing up for pricey support storage contracts or managing complicated storage devices on-prem.

MSP Console

You can now monitor and manage all tenants, both local and remote, from a single dashboard thanks to the new MSP console in version 10.8. When a remote deployment is included in the solution, it becomes just another tenant, and you have easy access to all of their infrastructure and data protection operations. With this feature, MSPs that provide BaaS and DRaaS as well as large businesses with separate departments or offices can increase productivity and simplify administration.

Usability and Management Improvements

Additionally, the new version adds some improvements to already existing features. These are significant upgrades that will make sysadmins’ data protection tasks quicker and easier.

Improved backup retention

The NAKIVO solution currently offers scheduling and retention settings as two separate steps in the backup creation wizard. This method lets you set retention parameters, including using the grandfather-father-son (GFS) rotation scheme, after displaying the backup schedule.

You can now switch to the new, more straightforward wizard to configure job schedules and retention settings in a single step and view. Utilize the new configuration wizard to precisely control backup retention. Set expiration dates for recovery points and specify retention settings for each schedule in a backup or replication job.

Job priority

The priority with which these jobs are handled shouldn’t depend on the order in which they are created. With version 10.8, you may specify the priority level for crucial backup tasks, ensuring that they are handled first in the queue and finished on time.

By default, jobs will be given the lowest priority level (level 5). Then, you may set priority levels 1 through 5 to make sure that top-priority tasks (level 1) have the resources they require as soon as they become available to be handled first.

Merge jobs

Each of us has experienced the addition of additional objects to a workload that is already being backed up. Here, you have two choices to consider:

  • Add the item to the ongoing job and await the subsequent job execution
  • Create a new job for this workload and have two jobs instead of one.

Retention gaps could result in the first scenario, which is harmful for workloads that are more important. In the second scenario, your workflow becomes clogged, which makes managing data protection more difficult.To simplify backup administration and spend less time on repetitive chores, you can combine jobs of the same type into a single job with version 10.8. By combining backup, backup copy, and replication processes into a single job, you can keep your data protection procedures organized.

Direct Recovery to Tape

With Nakivo v10.8 full VMs and EC2 instances can be recovered directly to your infrastructure from backups stored on tape media without staging repository requirements.

Persistent Agent

The agent used during OS quiescing and file-level recovery can now be permanently injected to a VM or EC2 instance allowing the operation without requiring the VM guest OS credentials.

Try All Features Option

In version 10.8, the full functionality of NAKIVO Backup & Replication is just a click away! Whatever your solution edition, you can now try the Enterprise Plus edition for 15 days in your environment at no additional cost. After the 15-day trial period is over, the solution automatically reverts back to the paid license and edition.

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