Webinar: Enhance Data Protection Strategy with BDRSuite on World Backup Day

Backup is no longer nice to have, it is a must-have.

A decade ago, a community of internet users termed March 31 as World Backup Day to create awareness on the importance of data backup.

Since then, we’ve been strong supporters of this annual event and creating awareness by doing various activities. We feel everyone should revisit their data protection strategies on this World Backup Day to protect themselves from modern data threats.

Vembu BDR

In honor of World Backup Day 2022, we are organizing a webinar to discuss the importance of backups and provide best practices for implementing a reliable and robust backup strategy in protecting your business-critical data against modern data threats.

Join us for a special webinar to know more about,

  • Modern threats to your business
  • Importance of data backup
  • Best practices to backup your data
  • Enhancing data protection with the BDRSuite

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Date and Time:
Mar 31st, 2022 (Thursday)
10.00 AM GMT | 11.00 AM CET | 02.00 PM GST | 6.00 PM SGT
10.00 AM PST | 01.00 PM EST | 12.00 PM CST | 10:30 PM IST