How to Configure a Virtual Machines Highly Available in Hyper-V 2019

If you are running infrastructure on Hyper-V standalone host it is on a single point of failure and all of the virtual machines that are running on that server will also fail. We can overcome this by creating a Hyper-V Cluster and moving the virtual machines to highly available. We have already shared Install And Configure Hyper-V Cluster On Windows Server 2019 so you can refer that for that topic and in this article will explain how to configure  the  Virtual Machines Highly Available in Hyper-V Cluster 2019

Before configuring validate below points 

  • Servers with similar processor architectures.
  • Same name Virtual switch available on servers.
  • If Virtual SAN available it must be configured with an identical virtual SAN on all nodes in the cluster
  • Shared Storage Available on all nodes (cluster storage such as a Cluster Shared Volume)

Configure Hyper-V Virtual Machines Highly Available

Navigate to Failover Cluster Manager -> Cluster -> Roles

Click on the Configure Role command and High Availability Wizard will Start

Click Next

On Select Role dialog box, select Virtual Machine and click Next

Select the virtual machines you want to make highly available and click Next

Click Next to the confirmation.

In a few minutes configuration will be completed

The summary page will show Success for VM and Click on Finish.

And the configured virtual machine will be listed on the roles tab



We have successfully configured the virtual machine high available on Hyper-V 2019 Custer  . This option will is very helpful for configuring the virtual machine highly available from standalone Hyper-V hosts to Hyper-V Cluster . Also, you can create a new virtual machine directly through the Failover Cluster Manager,  Virtual Machines option in the Actions pane.