vSphere 6.7 Enhanced Linked Mode ( ELM )

What’s New with vShere 6.7 in Enhanced Linked Mode ( ELM )

vCenter Server with an embedded platform services controller supports enhanced linked mode (ELM). It is one the best features came with vSphere 6.7 to reduce the complexity for customers to manage their multi site VMware Infrastructure . This is big enhancement for vCenter and its really made out life easy .

I have already shared post about vCenter High Availability with 6.5 version  . ELM helps to link multiple vCenter Servers together for increased visibility . And with vSphere 6.7  change on the architectural design resolves the without the complexity of external PSCs or load balancers.

  • No load balancer required for high availability and fully supports native vCenter Server High Availability.
  • SSO Site boundary removal provides flexibility of placement.
  • Supports vSphere scale maximums.
  • Allows for 15 deployments in a vSphere Single Sign-On Domain.
  • Reduces the number of nodes to manage and maintain.

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