vSphere 6.7 Announcement

VMware is announced the latest release of vSphere version  vSphere 6.7 . This version has lot of enhancements  compare to vSphere 6.5 , i am very much existed to upgrade the Lab to 6.7 and for a deep dive .

This version comes with great enhancement to the  HTML-5 client , Security, vCenter Monitoring and backup management so on . I have mentioned below few interesting points apart from this there many enhancement which will be discussing soon on upcoming blogs posts .

  • vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode
  • ESXi Single Reboot and vSphere Quick Boot
  • Support for RDMA
  • vSphere Persistent Memory
  • 4K Native Drive Support
  • ESXi Single Reboot Upgrades
  • vSphere Persistent Memory
  • Enhanced NVIDIA GRID vGPUs Support for Modern Workloads
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 Support and Virtual TPM 2.0
  • Enhanced VMware vSphere Client

he enhanced vCenter Server Appliance will deliver an improved user experience made possible through more efficient management capabilities and significant performance improvements. It will deliver a faster experience for vSphere admins (compared to vSphere 6.5), while delivering considerable time and cost savings. Performance improvements will include:

  • 200 percent faster performance in vCenter operations per second (3)
  • 300 percent reduction in memory usage (3)
  • 300 percent faster DRS-related operations (e.g. Power-on, Placement of VM) (3)

vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 Deployment with Embedded PSC- VCSA 6.7

vSphere 6.7

VSAN 6.7 Management SDK

vCenter Server Appliance Management API 6.7

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby 6.7

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Perl 6.7

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for .NET 6.7

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Java 6.7

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Python 6.7

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for REST 6.7

vSphere Command-Line Interface 6.7

vSphere Client SDK 6.7

vSphere Web Client SDK 6.7

vSphere Solutions Manager, vServices, and ESX Agent Manager 6.7

VMware CIM SMASH/Server Management API 6.7

VMware vSphere Virtual Disk Development Kit 6.7

vSphere Guest SDK 1.2

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