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We all know VMworld is best place and time for all new announcements, VMware announced their new vSAN update this time. VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 and vSAN Beta are the two major announcement and let’s check on this. This post is just to share an announcement update and will come with new posts having more details of vSAN 

What’s New with vSAN 6.7 U1

There are awesome features introduces with this new version and the most awaited few

  • Firmware Updates through VUM 

           This is one of various VUM Updates feature available in new version and VUM will recognize the vendor type and validate compliance and                   update. Currently Dell HBA330 only supported and soon other controllers will come up with their update on this.

  • Cluster Quickstart Wizard

           This feature is a single wizard that allows you to select the required services, add the hosts and configure the cluster. You can include                           configuration of HA, DRS, vSAN and the network components needed to leverage these services.


          As you know, VMware UNMAP is a command that allows a way to reclaim space from blocks that have already been written to after data                    that  previously resided on those data blocks has been deleted. And now this feature is available with vSAN , vSAN 6.7 U1 is capable of                              unmapping blocks when the Guest OS sends an unmap command  and it will enhance space efficiency.

If your environments has large files deleted you can enable this feature and the VMs need to be power cycled to apply the unmap setting. Now you will be thinking why power cycle required it is because of during power cycle operation Guest OS actually queries for the unmap capability and as of now there no other option for VMware to force.

Not limited the above features there are enhancements with this new version, find below  

New UI Option to change the “Object Repair Timer” value cluster-wide, this is the option which determines when vSAN starts repairing an object which has an absent component.

  • Additional PowerCLI cmdlets
  • Mixed MTU support for vSAN Stretched Clusters
  • Historical capacity reporting
  • New VROps dashboards with vSAN stretched cluster awareness
  • Enhanced support experience (Network diagnostic mode, specialized dashboards)
  • Additional health checks
  • vSAN 6.7 U1 has the ability to protect data within racks , contact GSS and open  an RPQ for this feature

vSAN Beta 

vSAN Beta has great features and enhancements with this release including below  3 features

  • Data Protection (Snapshot based)

          This will provide the ability to specify in policy how many snapshots you would like per VM and how often, and retention.

  • File Services
  • Persistent Storage for Containers

 Sign up for the Beta  to find more about vSAN Beta 

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