What's the update?

VMware vsphere Platinum is Generally Available

VMware has announced their new version vSphere Platinum Edition on VMworld US 2018 , and now  vSphere Platinum is general available .vSphere Platinum enables you to secure applications, infrastructure, data, and access with the combined capabilities of core vSphere and VMware AppDefense. It offers enhanced visibility and protection with simple, light-weight and scalable security with no agents to manage, and minimal overhead with vSphere Platinum today.

vSphere Platinum is Generally Available

VMware vSphere Platinum is a purpose-built security solution protecting enterprise applications,infrastructure, data, and access.It is the combination of two proven products  vSphere and  VMware AppDefense. The vSphere component of the bundle is deployed on-premises and is sold as a perpetual license with Support and Subscription, and the AppDefense component is a VMware hosted cloud service sold as subscription.


• Built on the industry-leading,efficient, and secure hybridcloud platform for all workloads.
• Solution secures applications,infrastructure, data, and access.
• Hypervisor, endpoint security,behavioral analytics, and machine learning deliver operationally simple security.
• Minimal overhead and performance impact.
• Solution fosters collaboration among vSphere administrators, security,compliance, and application teams.

VMware vSphere Platinum 6.7 combines two components—VMware vSphere for Platinum with AppDefense Plug-in and VMware AppDefense (SaaS) for Platinum—into a single product with a single license. The vSphere component of the bundle is deployed on-premises and is sold as a perpetual license with Support and Subscription, and the AppDefense component is a VMware hosted cloud service sold as subscription. vSphere Platinum is decomposable into its two components but customers cannot purchase these components a la carte. Upgrades occur on component level and through add-ons. All virtual machines running on a properly licensed VMware vSphere Platinum processor can use all components. A single license of vSphere Platinum cannot be used across multiple processors. For example, one license cannot be used for a component (e.g., vSphere for Platinum with AppDefense Plug-in) on one processor and another component (e.g., AppDefense (SaaS) for Platinum) on a different processor.

How Licensing Works in  vSphere Platinum

Licensing New Hosts with VMware vSphere Platinum 6.7 A user has two 2-CPU (each with six cores) hosts with 128GB of physical RAM each that they wish to license with vSphere Platinum edition. Each physical CPU requires a license, so four vSphere Platinum 6.7 licenses are required. No additional licenses will be needed regardless of the number of virtual machines, amount of virtual memory (vRAM) or physical cores or RAM. A license entitles a customer to a VMware vSphere for Platinum with AppDefense Plug-in perpetual license and a VMware AppDefense (SaaS) for Platinum subscriptionVMware offers several packaging options that are designed for customers to meet their specific requirements for scalability, size of environment, and use cases.