PowerCLI 11.1.0 Released

PowerCLI 11.1.0 is the 6th release of 2018 year and this new release includes support for Site Recovery Manager 8.1, as well as converting the SRM module over for multi-platform support.

PowerCLI 11.1.0 comes with below new updates

  • Added support to the SRM module for MacOS and Linux
  • Added support for SRM 8.1
  • Updated 2 Storage module cmdlets
  • Updated DeployAutomation and ImageBuilder module dependencies

Site Recovery Manager Module

The VMware.VimAutomation.SRM module is the newest module to be converted to for multi-platform support. That means this module can now be used with PowerShell Core on MacOS and Linux! This module has also received updates to support Site Recovery Manager 8.1. More information on this new version of SRM can be found at the following: VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.1 Release Notes

Storage Module

The VMware.VimAutomation.Storage module received a couple updates to fix some issues. The Get-VsanDisk cmdlet has been updated to now also list the vSAN disk where the Witness Component resides. An update has additionally been made to the Start-SpbmReplicationTestFailover cmdlet so that it no longer requires the VvolId parameter.

Improvements, security enhancements, and deprecated features, see the VMware PowerCLI Change Log.


VMware PowerCLI 11.1.0 User’s Guide
VMware PowerCLI 11.1.0 Cmdlet Reference