VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.5.1 Released

VMware has released its new NSX-T  Data Center version 2.5.1 with maintenance corrections and bug fixes.

This release of NSX-T Data Center is a maintenance release and there are no major or minor features, functional enhancements or extensions.

Maintenance Corrections

VM Edge Node Now Supports vMotion.

After fixing the support of Edge vNIC connected to the trunk port group, vMotion is supported on VM Edge Node.

NSX Edge Node CPU Monitoring Enhancement

The NSX Manager API and CLI command for the Edge Node CPU monitoring include CPU utilization of L2-L4 services (or DPDK cores) and L7 services (or non-DPDK cores). In previous releases, the system provided CPU utilization of only L2-L4 services

Resolved Issues

There are many issues fixed with this release and you have to refer to the  Resolved Issues section.

Check the full release notes here: Release notes