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Snapshot Integration for Pure Storage with Veeam Backup & Replication

As we all know Veeam is one of the industry leading backup and replication product , and in 2017 last  they released the Universal Storage API with Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 update 3. This framework offers built-in integrations with storage systems to help decrease impact on the production environment and significantly improve RPOs.

Now Veeam announces Pure Storage to their list for new integration framework . This integration provide businesses with the ability to leverage storage snapshots for significantly improved RPO and reduce the impacts of snapshot backups .

How new Framework helps to reduce the Impact of Performance 

The new framework has the capability to  reduce the impact of performance on the primary storage  . When Veeam creating VMware snapshots, framework help to offload the process to the storage array to then taking the backup from the storage.

Granular recovery support on storage snapshot

Storage has the capability to do Recovery from snapshot by restoring the entire datastore. Now with integration support of Veeam  you can achieve the capability do restore from storage . Veeam Explorer has the visibility in to historic Storage Snapshots and still give the ability to perform granular recovery tasks against snapshots not even created by Veeam on the storage array.

Application consistent storage snapshot orchestration

Recovery point objective has the ability to drive application consistent snapshots on the storage array to provide an option for really fast recovery of data, down to the application item level.

Automated restore verification and on-demand labs: “Put your data to work”

How to ensure that your data is secure , only way do restore and verify otherwise you cannot be sure that your data is  protected. Here we  have option apart from common restore method as with storage integration it’s possible to test using storage snapshots more efficient way.

You will have the ability to create copies of your production environment in minutes without affecting performance and uptime of the production workloads.

In addition this integration also follows the Pure Storage FlashArray into the converged infrastructure, offering the ability to combine compute, networking, storage and virtualization.

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Download the Pure Storage Plug-in