Offline data transfer services From Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Offline data transfer services use an alternate, physical storage method to move your data from remote locations to AWS. AWS Snowcone, AWS Snowball, and AWS Snowmobile are offline transfer services designed to transfer various quantities of data based on your business need.

AWS Snowcone

AWS Snowcone is the smallest member of the AWS Snow Family of edge computing, edge storage, and data transfer devices, weighing in at 4.5 pounds (2.1 kg) with 8 terabytes of usable storage. You can run compute applications at the edge, and ship the device with data to AWS for offline data transfer, or you can transfer data online with AWS DataSync from edge locations.

Snowcone has multiple layers of security and encryption. You can use it to collect, process, and transfer data to Amazon S3. Snowcone is designed for data migration needs up to dozens of terabytes (with up to 8 terabytes per device) and from space-constrained environments where AWS Snowball devices will not fit.

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AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball is an edge computing, data migration, and edge storage device that comes in two options: Snowball Edge Storage Optimized and Snowball Edge Compute-optimized.

Snowball Edge Storage Optimized devices provide both block storage and Amazon S3-compatible object storage, along with 40 vCPUs. Snowball Edge Compute Optimized devices provide 52 vCPUs, block and object storage, and an optional GPU for use cases like advanced machine learning and full-motion video analysis in disconnected environments.

You can use these devices for data collection, machine learning and processing, and storage in environments with intermittent connectivity (like manufacturing, industrial, and transportation) or in extremely remote locations (like military or maritime operations) before shipping back to AWS. These devices may also be rack mounted and clustered together to build larger temporary installations.

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AWS Snowmobile

AWS Snowmobile is an Exabyte-scale data transfer service used to move extremely large amounts of data to AWS. You can transfer up to 100PB per Snowmobile, a 45-foot long ruggedized shipping container, pulled by a semi-trailer truck.

Snowmobile uses multiple layers of security to help protect your data including dedicated security personnel, GPS tracking, alarm monitoring, 24/7 video surveillance, and an optional escort security vehicle while in transit. All data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption keys you manage through the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and designed for security and full chain-of-custody of your data.

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