Microsoft Announces Azure VMware Solution Preview

Microsoft has announced the launch of the long-awaited Azure VMware Solution, which is really a great option for customers to migrate on-premises VMware infrastructure on the on-premises data centers to the company’s public cloud infrastructure platform.

Microsoft announced this solution is in the preview and the solution including VMWare vSphere, HCX, NSX-T, and vSAN on Micorosft Azure. This solution will help you to seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from your datacenter to Azure and integrate your VMware environment with Azure. Keep managing your existing environments with the same VMware tools you already know while you modernize your applications with Azure native services. Azure VMware Solution is a Microsoft service, verified by VMware, that runs on Azure infrastructure.

Key Advantages 

  • Get scale, automation, and fast provisioning for your VMware workloads on global Azure infrastructure.
  • Keep using your existing VMware investments, skills, and tools, including VMware vSphere, vSAN, Center.
  • Modernize your VMware workloads with native Azure management, security, and services.
  • Take advantage of Azure as the best cloud for your Microsoft Windows and SQL Server workloads.

Reduce your IT costs

Save money with managed infrastructure and expand or shrink your environment on demand as your business needs change. Lower your costs with monthly consumption pricing by reusing your existing on-premises licenses for Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure with Azure Hybrid Benefit, and by purchasing your compute resources in advance with reservation pricing. Get three more years of security updates for your Windows and SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 workloads by taking advantage of extended security update offers.

Reference – Azure VMware Solution