How To Change VXLAN MTU Size and Teaming Policy in NSX Data Center For vSphere 6.4

In this article, I will share the steps to change the MTU settings, Teaming Policy of exiting VXLAN configuration. The VXLAN teaming policy and MTU settings can be changed on prepared hosts and clusters, but the changes apply only when preparing new hosts and clusters for VXLAN. Existing virtual port groups for VTEP vmkernel can be changed only by manually preparing the hosts and clusters again. You can change the teaming policy and MTU settings using API.

This step you can follow when you have chosen the incorrect MTU setting is chosen for the VTEPs. You need an API development software for performing this operation, in this procedure we use POSTMAN.

  • First, retrieve the information about all the VXLAN prepared switches using the below command
  • Open the API development platform and Click on New -> Request

  • And use GET and below syntax note that Authentication should be Basic Authentication and use vCNS/NSX Manager credentials

GET https://<NSX-Manager-IP-Address>/api/2.0/vdn/switches

Here our distributed switch name is “dvs-679”

  • Now you have to query with the specific vSphere Distributed Switch (dvs-679) that you noted earlier and you can identify the variables MTU, Teaming Policy you need to modify the setting.
  • Now copy the Response from Body
GET https://<NSX-Manager-IPAddress>/api/2.0/vdn/switches/dvs-679

Here we modify MTU from 1600 to 9000 of using the API call, you can change the Teaming policy also from there

  • Open a new tab and paste it into the Request Body box and perform below

Note:- Make sure you in the header add a new header: Content-Type: application/xml

PUT  https://<NSX-Manager-IP-Address>/api/2.0/vdn/switches 

  • Send the request and if everything went successfully you will get Status Code: 200 OK response.

  • Now you can verify that MTU is modified by running syntax the
GET https://<NSX-Manager-IP-Address>/api/2.0/vdn/switches/dvs-679

  • Now you can log in to vSphere Web Client and confirm verify the configuration changes are reflected



We have successfully changed the MTU of our configuration using the above steps and we followed it from VMwareDocs . In NSX Data Center For vSphere, many operations can be performed using API calling option, we are exploring more in NSX will share more posts in the future.