EMC vProxy Error disabling storage migration, retrying, error: VDDK Error

This post is relate to virtual machine backup failing on EMC network environment .


NVP: Error disabling storage migration, retrying, error: VDDK Error: 20005: The operation has been disabled by the guest operating system.

Few backups fail with error ‘operation has been disabled by the guest operating system’:


vProxy attempts to disable VM relocation before backup. However, the vCenter server has already been set with option to disable VM relocation. This option can be set by user or an application like a previous backup using NVP. If this is set by NVP- the flag should be cleared at the end of backup, however a bad termination to backup may cause this cleanup procedure to fail.

First We have to verify this issue by flowing steps

  • Log in to vProxy as root
  • Change to bin directory
    cd  /opt/emc/vproxy/bin
  • Run below command to load library path:
    source ../unit/vproxy.env

Note :- You should d have access to vCenter through SSH  , else enable that from vCenter before proceeding .

  •  Check the VM ID which is failing from Logs  , here it is VM-92

  • Check if the migration is disabled with ‘vmconfig’ tool:
./vmconfig -c info -k "vm-MOREF" -l moref -p Password-for-vCenter -u username-for-vCenter -v vcentername
NOTE: to get the 'vm-MOREF' go to NMC, click 'show message' and 'Get Full log', here you will see the MOREf similar to 'vm-1311'. For more help- type './vmconfig'
  • if Migration Enabled is ‘false’- proceed with workaround , Here you can see it is false

Note : If Migration enabled is ‘true’- further diagnosis may be needed. In this case, there is no need to apply workaround

  • Run vmconfig tool with “enable-migration” to manually enable migration

  • Now Run the Backup and Check the status .