AWS Backup Support for VMware and VMware Cloud on AWS


AWS has announced AWS Backup support for VMware, a new capability that enables you to centralize and automate data protection of virtual machines (VMs) running on VMware on premises and VMware Cloud on AWS. You can now use a single, centrally managed policy in AWS Backup to protect these VMware environments together with 12 AWS compute, storage, and database services already supported by AWS Backup. You can then use AWS Backup to restore VMware workloads to on-premises data centers and VMware Cloud on AWS.

While doing so, AWS Backup Audit Manager lets you consistently demonstrate compliance by monitoring backup, copy, and restore operations and generating auditor-ready reports to satisfy your data governance and regulatory requirements.

Using AWS Backup Support for VMware

There are three steps to back up VMware virtual machines (VMs) with AWS Backup:

  1. Create a gateway to connect AWS Backup to your hypervisor.
  2. Connect to your hypervisor through the gateway.
  3. Assign virtual machines managed by your hypervisor to a backup plan.


On the left pane of the AWS Backup console, Select External resources -> Gateways -> Create gateway. This AWS Backup gateway helps with the discovery of the on-premises VMware environment and acts as a cloud gateway to send and receive data.

Download the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) file of the AWS Backup gateway and follow the instructions to deploy the gateway using the VMware vSphere client.

After deploying the gateway in the VMware environment, navigate back to the AWS Backup console and you need to configure the backup, which includes other additional steps like Add hypervisor, choosing the encryption key, creating backups, etc

Soon i will write a blog explaining the steps and configure the backup using this solution , stay tuned