Missing vSAN Proactive Tests in vSphere 6.5

I have shared a post about whats new with vSAN  6.6.1  but i have not mentioned  due to new features  what will happen to old . Recently I was looking in to proactive test feature and i was able to find only one test , VM creation test . In the previous version we have other tests also and it is missing on vSphere 6.5  , let discuss about why it is missing .

vSphere 6.5 with vSAN 

vSphere 6.0 with vSAN 

Multicast Performance Test 

With vSAN 6.6.1 multicast has been removed and unicast came as new feature , since mulicast has been removed so the test will be removed by default and unicast is running in vSAN test won’t show .

Storage Performance Test 

VMware felt that use of any third party tools  for doing bench mark may provide incorrect details  . So VMware decided to use HCI Bench is the suitable solution for doing benchmark  . And this is confirms that  perf benchmark feature in the Proactive Tests section is depreciated .