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Why Veeam Backup and Replication For Cloud Backup

In this Post, we will be discussing the points you have to validate before choosing a backup solution to keep your data safe in the cloud. And how Veeam Backup and Replication supporting in this case and why we can choose Veeam as a good solution. And latest Version Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 Update 4 was released recently with many new feature and enhancements

Purpose of Backup & Cloud Backup

Most of the companies are running their business application and Infrastructure server’s top of VMware vSphere/Hyper-V environment to achieve the benefits like cost savings, minimal downtime, better resource distribution etc. Also, some applications on the physical servers due to compatibility and specific requirement.
VMware/Hyper-V has inbuilt snapshot functionality to backup the VMs, but it is not a complete backup solution. Snapshots are just state of a virtual machine at any specific point in time can be preserved. Never keep the snapshot longer period since it will consume more storage as well as degrade the performance of VM. So, we need a proper backup solution to keep our data safe, secure to prevent a failure. And everyone will have a different backup solution in your On-premises to secure the data. What will happen to failure or Disaster of Local site, your valuable data will be lost? To overcome this situation, we need some place where can keep our data very safe.

And the solution Cloud, but we have to check many facts before going to cloud option also when we look into this option you may have to think about choosing a backup solution which is very easy and convenient for your requirement. Let’s check few which is very useful.

  • Does your existing backup solution support Cloud?
  • Is the configuration and management of cloud backup with existing solute is easy?
  • Backup Solution support Replication Server setup in Cloud?
  • Is possible to directly push your backups to Cloud using existing Backup solution?
  • How easy to recover your data from Cloud to On-premises?
  • Does your Backup solution support different ways of Cloud Backup?
  • How easy to Configure the Replication server in Cloud?
  • How easy to connect your Replication server from Cloud to On-premises?
  • Is that support Latest Platforms?
  • Your Applications are Supported by Backup Solution?
  • What are storage repositories supports?

And many more, In such cases we have to choose the right solution for backup your data to Cloud. You can add Veeam for your Cloud backups separate from your current solution if it is not suitable for Cloud backup.

Why Veeam Backup and Replication?

As we know there are many solutions available in the market, and they are used by many companies, Veeam has grown and fast and they are able to provide great support and fulfill most of the requirements. We have some key points for you why you can Choose Veeam as Good Solution for Backups.

  • Easy to install and Configure
  • You don’t need a dedicated resource to manage backups
  • Support Latest Platforms – vSphere 6.7 Update 1, Windows 2019, Hyper-V 2019
  • Application Support – Oracle, SQL, Exchange, SAP Hana Activate Directory, SharePoint, VMware Cloud Director
  • Veeam Backup and Replication availability in Azure Market Place
  • Easy Backup and Replication and Restore on Microsoft Azure
  • Easy Restore from Azure to On-premises
  • Office 365 Support
  • AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud Object Storage Support
  • Supports Direct Backup and Restore in AWS using Storage Gateway
  • AWS Cloud Tape Backup Support
  • N2WS – Cloud-native backup solution and disaster recovery for (AWS ) support
  • Veeam Availability Orchestrator Support
  • Free Veeam PN (Powered Network)

The features not limited above there more features and great customer support available from Veeam, you can open case from the portal as well as there is skype call feature available it’s easy and free for all customers. Also, Veeam is a good solution for your on-premises backups, it supports many deduplication storages, support many application-aware back-ups. And you can configure Veeam Replication to DR site, use Orchestrator for automating the failover.

You can find detailed information of each feature from Veeam HelpCenter Portal


We have shared the key points why we can choose Veeam Solution for Cloud backup and points you have to look for choosing a cloud solution backup. We will be sharing more posts on the cloud-based backup configuration of Veeam Backup and Replication, stay tuned.