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Introduction to Veeam Powered Network (Veeam PN)

Veeam PN (Powered Network) is a FREE lightweight software-defined networking (SDN) tool designed to simplify and orchestrate VPN networking and configuration tasks. This tool is easy-to-use and eliminates the manual network configuration and complicated VPN installation procedures. You can easily create, configure and connect site-to-site or point-to-site VPN tunnels through an intuitive UI within a few clicks.

How Veeam PN Helps to Customers?

Veeam PN is FREE to use and which maintain business continuity and availability when a disaster strikes. Every customer’s business is very important, and they have to make sure it should always available ad they need a reliable solution for on-demand recovery in the cloud. As we know cloud services have the capability for data recovery with affordable price, but customers are facing challenges to configure and manage them properly. This is very tough because of the complicated network setup and configuration tasks associated with establishing such a solution. Here Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure has a great role which simplifies and automates this setup process, making an on-demand recovery in the cloud a reality for any business.

Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure Restore is part of Veeam Availability Suite which delivers Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure very quick and reliable.

  • Works with Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure to provide the next generation of on-demand recovery in the cloud without complex VPN deployments, ensuring business continuity and Availability
  • Provides seamless and secure networking between on-premises and Azure-based IT resources
  • Delivers easy to use and fully automated site-to-site network connectivity between any sites

Scenarios to use Veeam PN

  • Set up a site-to-site VPN between company offices and a Microsoft Azure network to which VMs restored in Microsoft Azure are connected.
  • Set up a point-to-site VPN between remote computers and a Microsoft Azure network to which VMs restored in Microsoft Azure are connected.
  • Allow remote users to get access to a company network through a Microsoft Azure network.

Veeam PN lets you set up VPN connections between Microsoft Azure networks and on-premises networks. The solution is based on the OpenVPN technology and features a web-based interface that simplifies VPN configuration and administration.

Recovering data in Cloud with Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure

Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure recover the data in the event of a disaster by eliminating complexity for extending cloud connectivity. When used as part of Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure, you can restore any on-premises workloads to the cloud, including VMs, servers, and laptops.

Simplified Remote Access using Veeam PN

Using Veeam PN you can provide connectivity for remote offices, home offices and mobile users to regardless of location. Users can easily access the system remotely, either in the cloud or on-premises. Also, you can use Veeam PN for external network connectivity and can be used for anyone to do testing or run home labs.

Cloud-to-cloud Availability

By using Veeam PN you can extend cloud networks to connect multiple different clouds together, providing availability across sites without any complex configuration.Binding multiple sites together provides your organization with cross-cloud applications and services access. Services can be deployed in one cloud and the network connectivity extends to the other sites for access.

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