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What’s New With Vembu BDR Suite Free edition

Vembu is focusing more in to Small and Medium Businesses with a reasonable price to fulfil their all requirements. BDR suite v3.9.1 has three versions Free, Standard which is new with this release and Enterprise. In this post, I am going to discuss about the new free version of the Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.1.

For every Organization even if it is small, medium or large Data is very important. If they lose their data business will get impacted, so data protection is Critical one .Most of the SMB’s does not have data protection it’s because of many are not aware about the impact of data loss and many due to their limited budget.

Vembu offers a free solution that would address the needs backups for the organizations do not have a backup strategy. You can configure multiple backup and restore jobs, with no feature restriction for three VMs without the need of purchasing any license. The free edition of Vembu BDR Suite will work smoothly with a set of Critical features that are part other paid versions and the free version is free forever.

Vembu BDR free edition will be the right fit for your Small business, if you do not have a Backup and DR plan in place, let’s find what Vembu Free edition offers to protect the data for Business Continuity.

Unlimited Agentless backups

Vembu VMBackup is on the feature, which offers Agentless Backup solution to protect the VMware vSphere ESXi, vCenter VMs and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs. Vembu VMBackup uses VMware vStorage APIs (VADP) feature to perform the agentless backup and a proprietary driver along with the Microsoft VSS technology in Hyper-V

Agentless backup reduces the efforts involved in installing the agent on each VMs and Backup and recovery configurations are simple since they are directly performs from Vembu BDR Server Web Console. This Web Console is very user friendly and you can manage backup, recovery, storage and reporting from a single pane.

High Availability

Vembu achieve the high availability by providing Near CDP (Continuous Data Protection) with an RTO and RPO of less than 15 minutes .Recovery options available in VMBackup are quick enough to keep data centers up and running with minimal downtime with near zero data loss. Also you can recover the physical and virtual infrastructure on VMware, Hyper-V or KVM platforms using Vembu Quick VM Recovery feature from image-based backups.


Backup of your data always required but really backed up data secure, since backup is falling under Data Protection and data is transferring through network. Vembu Free Edition Offers encryption to Organization for secure the backing up data.You can create a custom password for backup jobs  that enables AES 256 bit encryption which encrypts the backup data .

This feature provides a second layer of protection to customers by preventing accidental deletion of data and authority of it .You can recover or delete the backup’s jobs only after providing their respective passwords of the backup jobs.


Vembu BDR provides built-in compression feature to save storage consumption. You will save lot of space on the storage by compression and data size is less compare to the actual size of data. Backed up data is compressed then stored on the BDR server due to this traffic and time take taken to transfer the data from the client to the server is decreases.

Application-aware Backup

Vembu BDR Free edition achieving application-aware backup using Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). Vembu VMBackup provides deep VSS integration to deliver application aware backup to ensure skipping of applications in a non-consistent state.

Vembu BDR server makes sure that consistent backups for Microsoft Applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory and SQL. Also, have an additional option to truncate the transaction logs for MS Exchange and MS SQL.

How Vembu Ensure the Consistency?

Vembu BDR solution has feature to pauses or “quiesces” the disk I/O until the writers of the applications become stable and then process further backup. This is performed in two steps which is included snapshot creation of application and Volume Shadow Copy Service to allow volume backups to performed while applications on a system continue to write to the volumes

Initially, a VSS request will be triggered followed by which a consistent backup for applications is initiated by Microsoft VSS before initiating a snapshot for that application. And there are no unfinished transactions that remain uncopied to the application database

Changed Block Tracking (CBT)

CBT is the technology used in Vembu BDR to track modified data blocks details of a backed up virtual machine to provide efficient storage utilization. After every full backup CBT will do this process and it will reduce backup widow as well as the storage consumption by backing up only the changes instead of full backup.

  • VMBackup for VMware vSphere & vCenter used the VMware’s CBT to modified blocks for incremental backup.
  • Hyper-V using Vembu’s proprietary CBT for tracking backed up blocks and process an incremental backup.

Disk Management Mount

 This is an interesting functionality of Vembu BDR free edition, which helps the users to recover the data from the disks of the virtual machines. This is an efficient recovery feature in the Vembu VMBackup for VMware and Hyper-V to get the data restored in few seconds.

Backed up virtual machines disk is being mounted on the local Vembu BDR server and users can access the files and folders that are residing in it quickly.


Quick VM Recovery

Vembu BDR free edition has a wonder feature called Quick VM Recovery .It is an instant recovery method used at the time of an unexpected disaster happened, which helps to reduce the downtime. Vembu is capable of recovering backup data instantly on either VMware or Hyper-V directly from storage targets, which is still compressed and encrypted. Moreover, the changes that are made during the quick boot session are also tracked and stored in the backup repository that might be used at times of permanent recovery.

Supports Various Storage Devices

Vembu VMBackup for VMware and Hyper-V supports multiple storage devices of different file systems be it local drives, NAS, SAN, iSCSI, VSAN iSCSI Target, Tapes etc. And it is flexible configure these devices pooled into multiple storage pools as well , this will help admins to add new storage volume /device to the existing pool on the fly  if they run out of storage.

Start Downing and use the benefits of Vembu BDR free edition