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What’s New With ALTARO VM BACKUP v8

Altaro announced their new version v8 on November 2018 and Altaro team did wonderful job to developed new features. In this post, I will share the details of the new features available with Altaro VM Backup Version 8 introduced.

You can download and try Altaro VM Backup V8

Altaro VM backup V8 has below mentioned two major announcements

  • WAN-OptimizedReplication
  • Windows Server2019 Support

Why we need WAN-Optimized Replication ?

Data availability is very important for every organization and most of the organization used replication of data to DR location.Replicating data to off-site using tape is old method and getting error chances are more. Other option we uses is replication across a wide area network (WAN) which is a promising one, So Altaro came up with WAN-Optimized Replication feature which can replicate the data to a remote site continuously by great the Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

WAN-Optimized Replication by Altaro

Altaro’s WAN-Optimized Replication builds a strong data protection platform by configuring VM back up and running on a remote location with minimal time when disaster happens. All the changes are replicated to the remote site in every 5 minutes. In case of any disaster or corruption the affected VM can be brought up on DR/remote site with minimal downtime. Note that currently this feature is available with Hyper-V only and soon it will available with VMware also .


  • To use this feature with Altaro v8 you must install an instance of the Altaro Offsite Server directly onto a Hyper-V “DR/REMOT EHost” at the offsite location. And the Offsite Server instance on remote location will accept the incoming replication and allows to boot any replication-enabled VM quickly.
  • You need Altaro Unlimited Plus licensing tier to avail this feature with version 8.
  • Customers who all are part of the Altaro VM Backup for MSPs Programhas automatically get this feature.

By using this feature with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) , you have the abilityto replicate VMs to the MSP’s infrastructure and any failure happens you can immediately access its VMs and continue working through the MSP’s infrastructure.

Windows Server 2019 Support on Altaro v8

As we know that Microsoft has announced their latest server edition 2019 recently and it Altaro VM backup supports Windows 2019 Server now. Additionally, you have to check the known issues of server 2019 to make sure it’s not creating any issue with backup.

Replication will not be supported for Windows Server 2019 now and will be available soon.

Points to be Noted by customers

  • Now WAN-Optimized Replication available only for Hyper-V and support of VMware will be released soon
  • Replication is supported for Hyper-V 2012/R2 or 2016 at this time and for 2019 will be available in future
  • VMs running on a 2012/R2 Hyper-V host must be replicated to an Altaro Offsite Server running on a 2012/R2 Hyper-V Host
  • VMs running on a 2016 Hyper-V host must be replicated to an Altaro Offsite Server running on a 2016 Hyper-V Host
  • Orchestrated Failover and Fail-back will be introduced in a future release with a release date TBD

Reference :- Full breakdown of the new features in Altaro VM Backup v8.

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Altaro VM backup V8 is latest version which is very power full and full fill customers requirement for backing up VMware and Hyper-V infrastructure. we have shared the new features available with Altaro VM backup V8 over here , start downloading and test the features.