What’s New In 2019 VCP Certification

In the starting of 2019 VMware roll out new VCPs and the year designator on every certification, it becomes clearer when you earned a certification and how current your expertise is within that certification track. The certification you earn depends on when you completes the requirements. If you meet all the requirements in 2019 (starting on January 16), you’ll earn the 2019 certification and If you finish it in 2020, you will earn the 2020 certification, and so on.

For each certification, there are exam requirements. When the certification launches, the most recent exam will still be available since it represents a current solution (although with a different exam code so our system will map it to the new certification). Then, based on product updates, available resources, and the timing of product releases, one or more new exams will be released. Any of the available exams count towards the certification, as they represent current solutions.

Below example will give you an idea about new VCP-DCV 2019

  • The current exam based on vSphere 6.5 (with the new exam code) or the new exam based on vSphere 6.7, available on or before January 24

Here are the exam plans for each VCP certification for 2019:

VMware Certification 2019

Also there are multiple exam options for each certifications, based on the different product version or type (see for example NSX-V and NSX-T). That could be good to match your course requirements, but for sure will be more confusing to define on what product are your certified.

VMware certification page  may updated with new changes in upcoming weeks .

VMware always ensure that certifying on current solutions by retiring exams and introduces new versions. The current policy is that we retire exams four months after a new version is released (subject to change).

For those who have earned one of the two previous versions of the certification (see policy here), upgrade paths will be straight-forward. Choose one of:

  • Passing the new exam
  • Passing a smaller Delta exam, when available
  • Other options, which will be added as they are released, with the goal of making it simpler to upgrade