vSAN Configuration Assist

What is vSAN Configuration Assist

Configuration Assist is the new feature released with vSAN 6.6 and it helps to check the configuration of your vSAN cluster, and resolve any issues. vSAN Configuration Assist enables you to verify the configuration of cluster components, resolve issues, and troubleshoot problems.

The Configuration Assist checks are divided into categories. Each category contains individual configuration checks.

Configuration Assist Categories

There are many vSAN recommendations/checks that are not configured as part of the vSAN cluster configuration wizard .To configure all of them we have to perform individual configuration from vSphere Web Client . Here Configuration Assist simplify the things , we can do all these configuration from single location in the UI.

  • vSphere Availability
  • vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • vSphere Distributed Switch for vSAN Traffic
  • vMotion configuration
  • Ensuring all available disks are claimed
  • Appropriate host controller tools are present
  • Appropriate host controller firmware

Navigate to vSAN Cluster  -> Configure -> vSAN and Select Configuration Assist 

Expand each option to view detail information

Lets check how can we fix one of the configuration issues  – vMotion .

Click on the Warning Message o – All hosts have a vMotion vmknic configured

You Can see there 3 nodes on the vSAN cluster and there is not vmotion configured on all three

Next verify vmotion configured on one host and rerun the test and check

Click on the one of the node and check enabled services or edit on the vmk0 and check

As we found there is vMotion not configured , lets enable on the vmk0 and click ok , you can check on the enabled services

Go to the Configuration Assistant and check the  status , There is some new error related vmotion and its shows only in two nodes , because we have configured vmotion only one node , lets configure vmotion on other nodes and check again .

Navigate to Configuration Assist and verify the vmotion issue fixed  , also there is options Ping Drops and Ping Results

You can see pings Result will show communication of vmotion network is available , and any failure or drops will shows on ping failed pings .

The same way we can fix other issues also with help of Configuration Assist   , Reference