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VMware Health Check by Opvizor Performance Analyzer

In the Previous Post we discussed about Monitoring Options available with Opvizor Performance Analyzer . In this post we are discussing about the VMware health check option .

There are tools available in market to monitor our virtual infrastructure but most of them are very difficult deploy and manage , also limited options on the dashboards  , we have to create manually many dashboards which is not an easy task .But  Opvizor Performance Analyzer  is a great tool which is very easy for deployment and management .The main thing I really like about opvizor is the monitoring options available with prebuilt dashboards .

VMware vSphere Health Status is one of the dash board which help you to understand and do necessary changes on your virtual infrastructure to be healthy always . Also you can find this dashboard by click inside of the search field .Advantage of this to check overall health and save the money what you spent for a VMware vSphere health for every time .

Once the Dash board is open , there is overall health view of  view of  your virtual infrastructure  and you can click on each to get detailed information in new window .

There is a Graph showing all the data stores and  you can select each data store listed there  to view its  details .

In the Right Corner you can see the data Collection time interval details , Click there to check more .You can get details with specified day , time , week ,month and year . Also there option to save , share or export the Dash board next to search option .

Detailed Health Check View 

From the Overall view you have to Choose the individual options , here we will go with few to check how it works  .

Lets find find out what all information we get from the Overall memory Usage . Output  is connected with VMware Performance Dashboard : Host Cluster.

This is a prebuilt dashboard offered by Opvizor Performance Analyzer and you will  get all information related cluster over there .

From the Dash board where memory usage is linked we are getting cpu , memory , vm count , share data store utilization , network and data store latency infiltration since it is pulling all details from entire cluster . Here we have another good option given  by opviozr  ,  you can list information related all cluster or selected cluster from Cluster – > All  a drop down menu which shows all clusters available on vCenter  .

Check below image shows when we move the mouse point on shared data store usage usage it shows clear information . There are multiple values which we need to understand the usage and statics . Here there are three values   used , uncommitted ,capacity which is shown in different colors , it really help to understand the out put to System administrators .

used             – Current usage of shared datastore

uncommitted – Available Frees space in Datastore

Capacity  – Capacity of Datastore

One more health check option very useful for virtual machine vCPU Ready explained below with live scenario

Always watch for CPU ready within your VMware environment and check if there are easy ways to fix them.

CPU ready  below 5% per vCPU  –   Good

Note – value should be per vCPU ,means 10% total ready on a 4 vCPU having average of all vCPU will be be 10 % .

CPU ready  5% or more per vCPU  – Not Good

In that case there will be a  performance degradation, especially running high performance applications within the guest.

 As per below out put one server ex-cas2  it is one the exchange cas server which is having a performance degrade  , it is true same time there was issue mail flow .

Thanks to  opvizor , It is cool product help to identity the bottleneck in virtual environment  .  Try more  option available on this health check dashboard and make you vmware infrastructure healthy .

Additionally the I received a dashboard from opvizor shows vCPU Ready per vCPU of a VM  , Imported the same and below is the out put .In this case you can see actual number vcpu is showing , ” .  ” is the vCPU –, here it is  16 vCPUs  ( ex_cas2.0 , ex_cas2.1 etc ) .

Download Dashboard

Opvizor Performance Analyzer is one of the best monitoring tools I have seen which gives valuable data which is important for IT Department from your VMware environment. Prebuilt dashboards on the Opvizor Performance Analyzer provide valuable information and display it such  a way very understandable for everyone  and useful .There is option we create our own dashboard as per requirement .

This product is available for a 30 day’s trial, try this and check the features and underrated how useful in virtual environment.There are many exiting features available with this product, will sharing more details through coming blog posts.

Opvizor Performance Analyzer Trial –  Download

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