VM Backup Failing with No Proper Error Details on EMC NMC

In this post I am going to share how to troubleshoot and fix the VM backup failing issue on EMC networker with out any proper error on NMC

Check the Below images we are getting error as below one of the Daily Backup is failed

Click on the Failed Work flow and select show details and you don’t see any error on the Failed VMs Tab . It means Backup is failed due to some issue but no proper information

Only Info you will get it will show how many VMs failed over there but no other information , also if you check the policy group you will find the number of successful backed up vms will be same .

From this we can understand that  policy is looking for some other VM which is not available on the group . This is normally happening when if you remove a VM from vCenter or Delete and not removed from backup policy group .

Lets have a look how can we  find out which VM is casing the issue .

Navigate the Policy Folder , in my case below is the location

D:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\logs\policy\VMWare VProxy\VMWare Daily 02\

Open the Latest Policy raw Log  , Log ending with .raw file extension , Here it is Backup_132361.raw

And you can find the virtual machine UUID which is casing the issue

Next You have to update the policy Group with the VM which is not available on group as shown below  and you can see next shchedule of the backup will not show this error.

Note :- If there is multiple VMs with same error  , you have run the above command with all VMs UUID


nsrvproxy_save NSR ERROR Unable to find selected VM work item with UUID=”<UID>” in vCenter, the work item will be skipped , Unable to find selected VM work item with UUID “UUID” in vCenter, the work item will be skipped.


The virtual machine that was protected by the VMware Protection Policy has been deleted from the vCenter inventory. The NetWorker nsrdb database stores the virtual machine by UUID and performs a lookup of the virtual machine at the start of the backup workflow.


This behaviour is by design. The nsrpolicy command line utility can be used to update the group that’s assigned to the failing policy:
nsrpolicy group update vmware -g *GROUP_NAME* -O “UUID”