Runecast Analyzer v2.5 Released and Supports VMware Horizon

I have been following and testing the Runecast product from some time and its  really wonderful product and in 2018 they have introduced the support for VMware’s main products . Runecast is one of the best tool in market which help customers to identify risks and non-compliances also it shows you how to prevent failures .Runecast released their latest version of 2018 v2.5 which supports VMware Horizon now. With this version you will have capability for a proactive knowledge automation into the End User Computing (EUC) .

In the previous versions of 2018 Runecast  helps issue prevention of VMware vSphere , NSX-V and vSAN  and this time this one of the major release since it supports Horizon . 

Support of Horizon In Runecast Analyzer 2.5 

As you know that VMware Horizon is VMware’s leading EUC product which provides virtualized or hosted desktops and applications delivered through a single platform to end users. With help of Runecast v2.5 you will be able to scan and analyze your Horizon infrastructure providing a complete analysis of the deployment status and health .

The Runecast Analyzer shows if and where issues affect your specific implementation, and shows you how to resolve them with help of 
VMware Knowledge Bases . Also it does the Validation of your Horizon implementation against VMware recommended best practices. If best practices have been overlooked, it recommends why, how and where to improve. And additionally if your Horizon is implemented in a 
SDDC platform which contains vSAN and NSX-V ,all complex issues and misconfigurations are identified and exposed for affected components when related within the stack.

What’s New in Runecast Analyzer 2.5

Identify industry-reported Horizon issues

Runecast Analyzer 2.5 is able to analysis and identify if the Horizon deployment is vulnerable to known and reported issues with help of.
VMware KBs .This analysis helps preventing possible services disruption by identifying, categorizing and listing the risks quantifying how critical and pervasive your exposure is and this can be done different ways , find below methods .

Recent History of Horizon Chart

Specific issues related to Horizon in the table  by filtering

Drilling down into an issue you will be shown precisely where and how you are vulnerable

Note :- The Analyzer serves up the relevant industry documentation to your fingertips. The impact, symptoms, root-cause, and the resolution are provided giving you all the technical guidance needed to proactively remediate and protect your Horizon VDI platform .

Best Practices for Horizon

As i mentioned above Horizon deployment is audited and verified against VMware’s documented best practices . As shown below you can identify
where your infrastructure followed VMware recommendations and where it is not followed .

In addition to this you can select and expand best practice deviations detected from the list and you get instructions for improving your Horizon deployment with required actions with appropriate sources.

Navigate Horizon objects within an SDDC Inventory view

In Runecast Analyzer  v2.5 has the full visibility for Horizon objects like  Connection servers, farms, pools, etc . From the Inventory View you can find the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations  of Horizon objects. Selecting a specific object, relevant problems and how to improve it are shown based on the latest industry knowledge. 

By Clicking on a specific object it will show you all the problems relevant to it from the latest industry knowledge, and opportunities to improve it .

Deploy and Start Runecast Analyzer v2.5

Deployment and Configuring Runecast Analyzer is very easy ,  you can setup Runecast v2.5  from OVA file which is very easy task .After deploying the Runecast you can add you configure by adding Horizon Connection server details and tart scanning your Horizon environment in few minutes. 
You can scan the environment by simply clicking “Analyze now” within the user interface .

You can download the Runecast Analyzer v2.5 as 14-day trial for testing 
Download Now  and start testing new features 


Runecast Analyzer has powerful capability to identify issues where they depend on multiple VMware products configuration . Also you will have the full power of knowledge automation across your whole SDDC where your vSphere environment vSAN  and NSX-V can be fully scanned .Here we have mentioned about the new features available with Runecast Analyzer v2.5.