NAS Backup and File Ball in Veeam Backup & Replication V10

As we are aware that Veeam Backup & Replication V10 is releasing soon and in the Veeam vanguard summit 2019 they have discussed and shared about new features and enhancements releasing with the new version. In my previous post, I have shared the installation of Veeam v10 beta and a great feature copy mode, in this article I share the details about the NAS backup and File Ball.

With new version V10 lot of features which really help you to perform the backup and recovery process quick and flexible. The v10 version offers 2 options for backing up a file balloon

  • SMB v1, v2, and v3
  • NFS v3 and v4.1
  • Managed Linux and Windows file servers.

Managed File Servers

This is similar to the way where we install the Veeam agents on file servers running Linux and Windows. From version v10 the new agents for file backup are similar in essence to the helpers that are installed on virtual machines with application-aware. They allow you to backup individual disks/partitions of the server, but they do not allow you to backup the entire server and, accordingly, only individual files can be restored from such a backup. This option is recommended to be used if your file server is under the control of one of these operating systems

SMB File Share

Here you can configure your SMB file share for backup in three methods

Backupdirectlty from the file share – In this method, you can take backup the data directly from share but locked files will be skipped and retried at the end of the job.

Backup From a Microsoft VSS snapshot – This option will allow you to take the backup of locked files, but only condition is that SMB3 is supported.

Backup From a storage snapshot from a path  – In this method Veeam works correctly with a snapshot, you do not need to specify a path exactly to it, which allows you to restore files to their original location on the ball in the future without the additional problem. You can refer to the examples of pre-job scripts on GitHub in the VeeamHub repository that make snapshots (using NetApp FAS / AFF )

NFS File Share 

Here you can configure your NFS file share for backup in two methods, which we already discussed in the SMB File share and it is similar to that and the only difference is here its NFS share you can configure .


we all are waiting for the new releasing of Veeam backup and replication V10 which is coming with many new interesting features and enhancements. In this article, we discussed the file share backup can refer the Veeam blog to know more eth features coming with v10. You can register here and get the news on the availability of NEW Veeam Availability Suite v10.