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How to Install or Update the License on 3PAR Storage System

There are two Ways you can apply the license to 3PAR Storage one is from GUI and other is from CLI .
Before proceeding the steps make sure you have proper license file or license detils .You can obtain the license file from HP reseller or HP Portal or Hp Account Manager

In this post we are sharing information how can you apply license to you 3 PAR storage , follow below procedure

How to Apply License From GUI

Open HP 3PAR Management Console and Login

After Login On the Left pane you can see your 3PAr storage system

Right Click on the Storage System and select Set license

Once the License window opens you will have two option to add license , select the appropriate way and select the Agree to the terms and conditions and Click OK 

License File  – Browse the license file FILE.DAT which we received form HPE or Downloaded from HPE License Site

License Key  – License Key is a combination of numbers and letter you can copy form your source and paste there .

Once Apply the License you can Navigate to the software tab and check the license features from there .









You can check the License status from the CLI  by entering the command showlicense , check below image you can see before and after applying license difference

How to Apply License From CLI

Open the 3PAR Console using putty

Use the command setlicense to apply new license to upgrade

Once enter the set license command it will ask you confirm that agree to the terms and conditions by selecting Y for proceed to add license .

You can add the license keys on the CLI window and enter once again as empty line and license will applied


Click here to access the portal for HPE Licensing.


Click here to access the portal for License Support Centers.