Dell EMC PowerStore plug-in is now available in Veeam


As we know Veeam is keep improving their product and launching new features . Time for another great storage integration with Veeam Backup & Replication with Dell EMC PowerStore adding to the current support for Dell EMC VNX and VNXe, Unity, Unity XT, SC Series, PowerMax and VMAX All-Flash.

Customers with Dell EMC PowerStore can create backups directly from Storage Snapshots created in the PowerStore cluster using the new plug-in. The Veeam Dell EMC PowerStore plug-in increases backup efficiencies, provides flexible recovery options and simplifies IT operations. Organizations can now deliver all-flash data storage appliances that transforms traditional and modern workloads with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure. Now you can enjoy these backup and recovery options with Veeam.

The storage plug-in with Veeam provides a full set of very versatile backup capabilities, a new recovery option and incredible test capabilities with DataLabs from Dell EMC PowerStore snapshots.

Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots on Dell EMC PowerStore

Veeam storage plug-in as it gives you a new recovery option from Veeam Explorer as shown in below image  dell-emc-powerstore-plugin-01-1

The wonderful thing about this capability is that PowerStore snapshots can be used to directly drive file, application and complete VMware VM recovery. This includes Veeam’s namesake high-speed recovery technique, Instant VM Recovery. All of this is done from a low-impact and highly performant storage snapshot on the PowerStore system.

Snapshot-integrated backups on Dell EMC PowerStore

The heart of Veeam is backup, and the heart of the plug-in with Dell EMC PowerStore is the ability to back up from the storage snapshot versus the VMware snapshot alone.

There is a substantial benefit with Veeam in that that this will be much more performant than just a VMware snapshot used for the backup process. The Veeam plug-in allows the data transfer to happen from the storage snapshot for little to no impact at all on the production application.

The market differentiator is Veeam’s patented mechanism for storage snapshot-based backups to maintain changed blocked tracking information for the incremental backup. This will keep backup times low and avoid unnecessary snap and scan operations for incremental backups. Take the backup challenge with a Veeam storage plug-in, it’s the difference maker.

Since V11, this also includes the backup capability for physical servers with Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows.

Testing, DataLabs and the art of the possible on Dell EMC PowerStore

Got DataLabs? The Veeam plug-in with Dell EMC PowerStore will also provide customers with a new opportunity to test and verify behavior without interfering with production applications.

DataLabs, or virtual labs sourced from a snapshot, are unique Veeam capabilities that were first introduced 11 years ago (!) from backups. These capabilities were expanded to source the lab from replicas and storage snapshots.

This is a great way to test an application’s behavior with changes to an application or operating system, updates or securing changes with ease. This is all done without interference with the production application on an isolated network.

Veeam Dell EMC PowerStore Plug-In Highlights

PowerStore snapshots can be used to directly drive file, application and complete VMware VM recovery, including Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery all done from a storage snapshot on the PowerStore system.

Veeam’s built-in integration with Dell EMC PowerStore reduces the impact on production environments and improves Restore Point Objectives (RPOs) by offering the ability to take backups at any time.

• Backup from Storage Snapshots: Lower the additional impact from backup activities on the environment by retrieving virtual machine (VM) data from Storage Snapshots.

• Quickly and easily recover: Individual items or entire VMs with Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots.

• On-Demand Sandbox: Use Storage Snapshots to create isolated copies of your production environment in just a few clicks, for fast, easy developing, testing and troubleshooting.

• Snapshot orchestration at primary storage: In addition to a backup chain, a Veeam backup job can save snapshots and manage their retention separately.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast, application-aware, image-based backups directly from Storage Snapshots as often as necessary
  • Protect data from ransomware and other threats with immutable backups
  • Recover guest OS files, application items, or even an entire VM
  • Perform granular and VM recovery from PowerStore replicated storage snapshots
  • Restore directly from Storage Snapshots, without staging snapshot contents to disk and intermediate restores
  • Reduce the time needed to mount snapshots, lowering your recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Leverage backup copies to test and troubleshoot identical copies of production VMs in an isolated environment
  • Automatically tier backups from PowerStore storage snapshot to cloud object storage

Download the Dell EMC PowerStore plug-in for Veeam today

For Dell EMC PowerStore users, this will be an easy capability to implement in your environment. Oh, and by the way, even the free Veeam Community Edition will allow the Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots capability to be used. So, should you be plagued with inferior backup, you can at least enjoy this awesome Veeam recovery technique for free. You can download the plug-in here and read the storage integration documentation here.


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