Create a Storage Group in EMC VNX

To Create a Storage Group simply go to Host > Storage Group section. Click Create and all you have to give is a name:

Create Storage Group

I have created the Storage Group called new_SG. Once you hit OK you will be prompted with question to confirm the creation of group .

new Storage Group

As you can see, the job status is success and we can actually straight away say “Yes, I want to add LUNs and/or connect host”Let’s do it. next sreen you can see is:

Adding LUNs to Storage Group

Now you will have the option to Add LUN(s). Check for the LUN you have created and  click on it, and click ‘Add’ on the right side . See Post – Create LUN if you need help on that

Next is  an important thing  ,Choosing Host LUN ID. As you can see I didn’t put any value, the storage system will auto assign the Host LUN ID with the next available (in this case it will be 0, since there is no LUN present in this Storage Group). To learn more about HLU/ALU again, take a look at post LUN masking and Storage Groups.

You can click OK, or Apply. If you plan to attach some hosts as well, just click Apply, which will add the selected LUN and will not close the window. Connecting Host is just another tab on the same window.

Connect Host to Storage Group

Now you have to do is select from hosts available in left field and move it to the right. Note that you can filter for Host Already connected, but if you choose from hosts that are already connected you will remove the host from the current Storage Group and move it to the new one . (if you are not aware of that , Please don’t try in Production ).