Configure EVC on vSphere 6.5

We have shared information about  EVC , here we are explain how to enable EVC on cluster .

Requirements Description
Supported ESX/ESXi version ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 2 or later.
vCenter Server The host must be connected to a vCenter Server system.
CPUs A single vendor, either AMD or Intel.

Note:Hardware vendors sometimes disable particular CPU features in the BIOS by default. This can cause problems in enabling EVC, because the EVC compatibility checks detect the absence of features that are expected to be present for a particular CPU. If you cannot enable EVC on a system with a compatible processor, ensure that all features are enabled in the BIOS.

Advanced CPU features enabled Enable these CPU features in the BIOS if they are available:
Hardware virtualization support (AMD-V or Intel VT)
AMD No eXecute(NX)
Intel eXecute Disable (XD)
Supported CPUs for the EVC mode that you want to enable To Check EVC support for a specific processor or server model,

see the VMware Compatibility Guide

Enabling EVC couldn’t be easier. Assuming your environment meets the above requirements go ahead and log on to your vCenter Server. I’ll be using the vSphere Web Client to demonstrate this but you similarly can use the traditional (C#) vSphere client if you wish to.

Highlight the cluster in the Navigator pane and select VMware EVC under Settings -> Configuration. Click Edit.


Select Enable EVC for AMD Hosts or Enable EVC for Intel Hosts respectively if using AMD or Intel processors.

The wizard defaults to the first available EVC option but I’m prevented from selecting it because of a powered-on VM currently using the CPU features masked off by the EVC mode. This is the same behavior you’ll come across when processors in the cluster are not supported by the EVC mode selected.

TIP: You should enable EVC right after you create a cluster. If you don’t, powered on VMs created before EVC was enabled must be rebooted for the changes to take effect.

Figure 6

Selecting Ivy Bridge works out just fine in my case. Just press OK to accept.

Figure 7
Figure 8

Expanding Mode and Current CPUID Details provides further information on the EVC mode selected together with the values set for the CPUID flagswhich are inherited by newly created VMs henceforth.

Figure 9