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Content Library – vSphere 6.0

Content Library It is the new feature introduced with vSphere 6.0. vCenter’s Content Library provides simple and effective management of VM templates, vApps, ISO images and scripts for vSphere admins. Content Library centrally stores VM templates, vAPPs, ISO images and scripts. This content can be synchronized across sites and vCenter serversin your organization. In many environment,  NFS mount […]

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VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols)

VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols)  It is one of the new feature with vSphere 6.0. VMware Virtual volumes are encapsulations of virtual machine files, virtual disks, and their derivatives. Virtual volumes are stored natively inside a storage system that is connected through Ethernet or SAN. They are exported as objects by a compliant storage system and are […]

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VMCP vSphere 6.0 Configuration – (VM Component Protection)

VM Component Protection (VMCP) Configuration vSphere 6.0 introduces a powerful new feature as part of vSphere HA called VM Component Protection (VMCP). VMCP protects virtual machines from storage related events, specifically Permanent Device Loss (PDL) and All Paths Down (APD) incidents. Permanent Device Loss (PDL) A PDL event occurs when the storage array issues a SCSI […]

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